Learning things about Dr. Lang we didn’t want to.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 2 #5

Eternity Comics (January, 1991)

“The Invid Must Die!”

WRITERS: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm

ARTIST: Jason Waltrip


LETTERER: Patrick Owsley

Rick and Lisa plead their case to the Plenipotentiary Council. Dr. Lang is on their side and eventually the council does agree to send REF representatives to the Sentinels to fight the Invid. Unfortunately Edwards uses his open xenophobia to his advantage by getting himself not only left behind but in charge of protecting the SDF-3 repair operation in the meantime. Karen is approved to join but so is Jack (sorry, Karen). Meanwhile Lang programs Janice to join in the expedition to take notes on protoculture, the Invid, and the Robotech Masters as well as learn more about Haydon, the machine world Veidt comes from. The programming is interrupted by Bela, who learned about the Earth myth of the Pegasus and having similar legends among her people suggests that he build one with Robotechnology as inspiration to her fellow amazons. She is very happy when he agrees. Not…”that”…happy mind you. I think. Finally, Breetai and other Zentraedi are restored to full size but the chamber is damaged before Exedore can join in, meaning he may be Micronian sized forever.

What they got right: Wow, a lot happens in twenty-three pages. However, all of it is in service to the same story, as preparations are made to join the Invid attack force and begin their next mission. It’s mostly set-up for future events but important to see nevertheless. We also see that Janice may be aware on some level that Lang is making her do something she doesn’t want to, which may lead to a future plot point.

What they got wrong: You’d think they’d be smart enough not to let Edwards be in charge of defending the ship. He still has to work with the Tirolians and Zentraedi who aren’t going on the mission even if they know he’s not able to work with the Sentinels. No wonder it’s so easy for him to trick these people when only our main cast realizes he’s up to no good. (Of course if they knew how bad he’d get they’d probably lock him away somewhere. Preferably in deep space.) It also took two books to introduce the Sentinels and now how long will it take until we finally see them in action beyond one ship?

Recommendation: A good issue that sets up the next part of the story. Worth looking into.

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  1. Sean says:

    This would have been a cool cartoon!


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