Yes, I know this has been posted at least twice before but given how little time I had this month with more important outside distractions and stuff finding Christmas specials hasn’t been my biggest priority so it was this or the Super Mario Brothers Christmas episodes. “Koopa Claws” alone tells me I made the right decision and still makes more sense that setting Christmas in the Super Mario World game. Which would still make more sense than the Flintstones celebrating Christmas before Christ was born but now we’re really off track. At any rate, it’s a different officially licensed host so that’s how I’m defending myself. I’m not sure how it ended up on one of Wildbrain’s channels since that’s rebranded DHX Media, which bought Cookie Jar Enertainment, who had bought the DIC Entertainment library, while the old He-Man and She-Ra cartoons are owned by Classic Media, which I think is owned by DreamWave. Confused? Welcome to licensing! Imagine following Rankin/Bass’s properties to their many new homes. It’s like tracing back to the same puppy farm.

He-Man and She-Ra fans already know this one. It’s an hour long (when there were commercials) Christmas special in which Orko ends up bringing two Earth kids to Eternia to spread the Christmas message around the same time as Adam and Adora’s birthday. Her first birthday since escaping the Horde (and I doubt Hordak does anything for anyone’s birthday except for his own and Horde Prime’s) Adora has brought her friends from Etheria to celebrate leaving them open to Christmas as well. That doesn’t sit well with Horde Prime so he not only brings in Hordak to stop the kids but even calls in Skeletor into a story that admittedly kind of plays games with continuity and takes a pop shot at a certain rival toy franchise in a story that will have you asking “why did this happen” but it’s just fun enough to let it go. Enjoy, because it’s the last Christmas special for this year.

That’s even the same thumbnail from the official channel. I’m also going to re-post the commentary from the official He-Man channel just to make sure they’re covered.


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  1. Sean says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special, and it’s pretty good. Actually, I’m quite interested in seeing the Super Mario Brothers Christmas episodes, so that would have been cool if you had posted those.

    If you’re thinking of another animated Christmas special to share with viewers on here, then please consider the Nick and Noel Christmas Special. It’s a a very sweet animated special from 1993. To me, that special definitely evokes many positive qualities. One walks away with a good feeling after watching the Nick and Noel Christmas special (it features a dog and a cat trying to help make a young girl’s Christmas wish come true).


  2. […] a show about supervillains at Christmas time but…have you heard of the Grinch? Seriously, if Skeletor can find the Christmas spirit (didn’t realised I posted that one so many times pre-playlist), why not sitcom […]


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