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BOOM! FCBD 2016: Summer Blast

BOOM! Studios (May, 2016; posted to comiXology August 31, 2016)

This is a sampler of comics available during 2016. For reasons I’ve chronicled to death by now I didn’t get to pick this one up but I like getting these samplers of comics out or coming out from a review perspective as well as a potential reader. For our purposes this will be a brief review of all the samples offered, some of which are teasers for a full story and some short stories highlighting the whole series.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: “Stone Cold”


I’ve never been interested in the movie so the story didn’t really grab my attention. Ludo’s sick and he’s having trouble getting help from the other residents of the labyrinth. I’m not sure what fans think of the series but the story in this sample wasn’t that riveting.

Mouse Guard: “The Tale Of Piper The Listener”

WRITER/ARTIST: David Petersen

A mouse’s family still hasn’t come to grips with his sister’s death three years later. He distracts himself from his loneliness by reading the tale of Piper, a mouse who traveled the world trying to learn as many animal languages as she could. Some are easier than others while trying to communicate with fish was an unreachable goal so she focused on the ones she could learn, which is most of them. Even potential predators give her a language she wishes to learn. This helps gives the boy his own purpose. I like this one. Piper’s story alone is interesting but showing it inspire someone or even just serve as a positive distraction, both of which happen to is part of why storytelling intrigues me. Petersen also gives each animal a unique perspective but as we only meet one per species we don’t get a lot of culture, which would be difficult. Probably the best story in the whole sampler because it does a lot with a little space.

The Cloud

WRITER: K.I. Zachopoulos | ARTIST: Vincenzo Balzano | LETTERER: Warren Montgomery

A teaser for the then upcoming graphic novel. In some wasteland a boy searches for a stone that can grant wishes and seeks “the Writer”, who can give it to him, apparently something that once belonged to the boy’s father. However, someone else wants it to having overheard it grants a wish. There isn’t a lot to be learned about the world (or even the narrator who calls the boy his master) but I love the art style. It’s an example of how to do the painted style well by embracing it’s strengths rather than try to use it as regular comic art. Maybe the painted style can work in a sequential art format, it’s just most people who use it do it wrong?

Adventure Time Comics: “Dirty Dungeon”

CREATOR: Pendelton Ward | WRITER/ARTIST: Box Brown

There’s a magic crystal in a dungeon and Finn wants it. However, Jake has a meeting with his literary agent and the dungeon’s a particularly disgusting mess. It’s another show I couldn’t get into, although I have tried, but overall not a bad story.

Lumberjanes: “Don’t Axe, Don’t Tale”

CREATORS: Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, & Brooke Allen | WRITER: Jen Wang | ARTIST: Christine Norrie | COLORIST: Maarta Laiho | LETTERER: Aubrey Aiese

Another preview, as the girls are on a nature hike and apparently where they’re hiking has a hideous backstory. You do get a glimpse of each girl’s personality but I think this is just the first few pages of the graphic novel. It isn’t bad but didn’t do much for me personally.

Goldie Vance

WRITER: Hope Larson | ARTIST: Brittney Williams | COLORIST: Sarah Stern |  LETTERER: Jim Campbell

Like the previous story it appears to be the first few pages of a graphic novel, but one I was more interested in. Goldie seems to be the hotel detective but also parks cars or something. That didn’t really get relayed well, but Goldie and her friends interested me more and I like the art. This might be one I want to look more into.

Overall it was a good sample. The ones that didn’t interest me still looked good and could easily find an audience. Overall you may want to look into a few of these series and graphic novels yourself.

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