My media library is missing a lot of things.

I’m one of those who grew up with Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It was a show that didn’t talk down to children but allowed them to occasionally pull the veil on what goes into making a show, even breaking the illusion of his own show as well as visiting the set of The Incredible Hulk, and knew how to mix music and storytelling. I’m sad not more kids got to grow up with Fred Rogers or ride the Neighborhood Trolley into the Land Of Make Believe. (And the show didn’t merchandise anything that I know of beside home videos so count me among those disappointed we never got those cool set toys Fred ended up getting for the Land Of Make Believe.) The closest out there now is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, an animated spinoff about a younger Daniel Tiger and the kids of those puppet characters. It’s okay but not the same. Rogers was a promoter of imagination and I can get behind that message among pretty much every other message that was on his show.

In this episode of Owen Likes Comics, Owen decided to go into the history of Fred Rogers and the impact he made on kids. What does it have to do with comics? Nothing, but watch it anyway.

Catch Owen talking about comics and comic-related media on his YouTube channel.

Anyone else catch names like McFeely and Elaine? Fans know what those names mean on the show. Kind of strange given Lady Elaine’s personality on the show.

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