The last time I tried to post an English dub miniseries from the official Ultraman YouTube channel (run by Tsuburaya Productions themselves) they decided to take it down and I had to replace it with a fan upload that edited it into a movie. So watch this one while you can.

A prequel to Ultraman Taiga, which is currently uploading to the channel with subtitles (when they work), Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes is a YouTube exclusive thirteen episode miniseries with four to five minutes per episode (some shorter, some longer) and is focused on the more recent Ultra heroes. In the story a mysterious evil wants to prove that there’s no difference between good and evil and I don’t know how that works. I don’t understand his plan either: using a villain named Ultra Dark Killer with a grudge against classic Ultraman Taro to create evil duplicates of the New Generation Heroes, he causes trouble for the good guys and captures Ultraman Zero and Ultrawoman Grigio. Even if you don’t know these heroes, and I barely know the ones who showed up in the previous special, the Ultra vs. monster fights are good and I want to promote more English content for Ultra-fans outside of Japan so here we go.

This version is in English, and using a dubbing studio that actually speaks the language unlike previous international dubs by Japan. It also includes the short trailer for the miniseries. However, if you prefer to watch in Japanese with subtitles minus trailer (use the closed captions and make sure the language is set to your preferred one) here’s a link to that playlist. Enjoy which ever one you choose.

UPDATE 2/16/2020: Changed to the full movie officially edited from the shorts. Now you don’t have to watch the intro and outro so many times!


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