This one’s been in the queue way too long, so let’s finally post it.

Ultra Galaxy Fight is a series of YouTube specials in which the Ultramen, Japan’s giant monster-fighting giants, team up against a shared threat. It’s like an Ultraman Justice League. The first in this series, New Generation Heroes, has already been on here. Tonight I bring you the second collection of episodes, The Absolute Conspiracy.

The so-called Absolute Lifeforms begin their attack on the light of the universe. The invasion is led by Absolute Tartarus and will involve many of the Ultramen and Ultrawomen, including the Galaxy Rescue Force. The story continues into the just-starting The Destined Crossroad, but this is a movie collection of the individual episodes of The Absolute Conspiracy on the official Ultraman YouTube channel. What I’m posting is the English version because this is an English site. If you’d rather see it in the original Japanese, check this link here and turn on the closed captions. Either way, enjoy.

The story ends on a cliffhanger though the universe continues in Ultraman Z while Tartarus makes a guest appearance in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. The prologue to The Destined Crossroads, the next chapter in Ultra Galaxy Fight, is already up and the full series should be starting soon. You can catch up on the various Ultraman series whose heroes are part of this series through the official YouTube channel, TokuSHOUTsu (streaming live and on demand), and on home video through Mill Creek Entertainment, plus the Toku channel if you get it on your cable package or Amazon Prime. They also have their own streaming subscription so if you’re stateside you should have no problem learning more about your new favorite Ultra.


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