I’m late tonight not for the usual reasons but because I was waiting for this to premiere and it’s not like they’re worried about my posting schedule over at Tsuburaya’s official Ultraman YouTube channel.

The Destined Crossroads is the third miniseries in the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, continuing the story of the Ultramen and Ultrawomen from across the franchise, including international versions, gathering together to protect the universe and their home from the Absolutions, supposedly “absolute lifeforms” who want to make the Land Of Light their second home. We’ve seen this war take place through New Generation Heroes and The Absolute Conspiracy, the first two miniseries in this YouTube series.

In episode one the Ultras must come up with a plan to find and rescue their princess while preparing for a foe that has shown themselves capable of standing up to the heroes. Now Tartarus, the lead soldier, is after the Devil Splinters, created by the remains of the evil Ultraman Belial, which can offer resurrection but also corruption of any living being, be they organic or mechanical. For your preferred taste I’m offering the English dub and the Japanese dub (unless you know Japanese turn on subtitles for that version). Enjoy!

English Language Version

Japanese Language Version (subtitles available in the closed captions)

Previously the show was only available through Ultraman Connection, the fan site, via rental, or through Tsuburaya’s Japanese streaming service Imagination. Not having money I’m glad this ten episode series is finally joining the other two miniseries on YouTube. I’m even more excited that the Ultra Force, from Hanna-Barbera’s Ultraman: The Adventure Begins, will be joining the cast for this one since it was my introduction to the Ultraman franchise. So I’m really looking forward to this one. Those of you who spent money to watch it early…TELL ME NOTHING!!!!!!! You’ve already ruined other stuff for me that I couldn’t afford to see yet. Let me at least have this one!


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