Time for one of those paragraphs that means nothing in the archives but matters at the time: I had a tooth pulled on Monday and wasn’t up to writing anything. Tuesday all I could do was this comic review, so the Star Trek comic that should be reviewed today will be reviewed tonight instead to get the comic reviews all squared away. That means only one feature article this week besides the Chapter By Chapter review and the finale of The Many MANY Intros Of Transformers. I’m sorry it’s the best I can do but when your dizzy there’s only so much you can do. On that end I can’t promise it will be on time. With that, the review.

So there are worse things than a trip to the dentist!

Iron Man volume 3 #60

Marvel Comics (December, 2002)

“In Shining Iron” part 2


INKER: Scott Hanna

COLORIST: Arisa Rozegar

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Marc Sumerak & Andy Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Aislinn tries to get the secret of the Iron Man armor but of course she doesn’t understand the science. She tosses him into a cell next to the man who attacked him when he arrived, a man named Brann. With Brann’s help, Tony manages to get enough of the armor working so they can escape in time to observe the archeologist arrive via the time machine. She went in Pepper’s place but it turns out she’s a future version of Aislinn and the two merge, giving Aislinn knowledge of the future as well. She sends Emile, her lackey, after Tony and Brann, but they manage to escape. They hide in a cave, but since Aislinn uses earth magic she easily tracks them and releases a dragon on them while they’re sleeping.

What they got right: Brann is an interesting character. I like him. Too bad I suspect he won’t be around for long. The warrior seeking a warrior’s death doesn’t usually survive in these kinds of stories. The art and coloring is still really good.

What they got wrong: Ellen being Aislinn comes right out of nowhere, and just seems to exist to give her future knowledge. Maybe the next issue will explain it better but at this point it’s kind of weak.

Recommendation: The storyline is getting better but I’m not completely convinced yet. We’ll have to see what the finale holds but based on how much you find it for it might be worth getting for the art if that’s your thing.

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