I don’t think this new Brady Bunch revival is going to work out.

Star Trek #26

DC Comics (December, 1991)

“Where There’s A Will…”

WRITER: Howard Weinstein

PENCILER: Gordon Purcell

INKER: Arne Starr



EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

Vickie tells Kirk that her husband was killed after finding out that the government has been running a secret colonizing project that may be a threat to the Federation. With Jim as his heir and his wife (Vickie) part of the deal he has an opening to investigate. Admiral Nogura has learned the Romulans have been active in the area and it’s a bit of a coincidence so allows him to investigate. Meanwhile, Sulu and Uhura visit an old haunt they didn’t know they had both been to and a conversation with an old friend has Sulu wondering if he’s lost his chance at a captaincy.

What they got right: There are some good character moments and the set-up for a good adventure. (Pity I don’t have those issues.)

What they got wrong: The camera angles and poses are still a bit stiff.

Recommendation: A good set-up to the next mission and a good story on it’s own for the most part. Worth looking into.

I’m sorry this was a shorter review given the posting situation today. That’s just how it worked out. Regular BW operations should begin tomorrow with the next Robotech review in its proper place.

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  1. Sean says:

    What does it mean that the character Vickie was “part of the deal”?


    • Basically the Plorkian society treats women as property or at least you can will your wife to your heir. Officially Kirk is her new husband by their rules. That along with the title gives him the ability to investigate as an official citizen, even if he’s considered an outsider.


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