And they just had their monthly bath.

Scooby-Doo #17

Archie Comics (February, 1997)

“The Scary Schooner”

Mark Evanier

Dan Spiegle

Shaggy, who has more uncles than I do Transformers, gets a call from his Uncle Salty, a fisherman who has been haunted at his new favorite fishing spot by the ghost of pirate captain Skull, who insists the waters are his. It’s a plot to gain the fishing spot with commercial nets, outlawed in the area because they might overfish and catch other sea creatures in its wake.

What they got right: Evanier must have been used to doing a full Scooby mystery at the larger page count from when he originally did these comics, but he’s starting to fit it in. The mystery is a bit better and the character moments are more accurate than the usual writer at the time.

What they got wrong: We actually got a decent clue but the mystery isn’t quite there yet. As much as the dream sequence fits in with the show, maybe putting that time to the investigation would have been better. The usual art comment remains–good but not quite matching the style of the show (although a few shows have altered the style as of late so I can get over it–it’s just that’s the review biz). Not so much wrong but worth nothing here is that Evanier seems to really like having lackies or partners in on the fake haunts. None of the stories I’ve reviewed from his guest spots have a baddie working alone.

Recommendation: Overall another good outing. This is an issue worth looking into.

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