Here’s a link to the post they mentioned that goes into more detail.

Personally I was more interested in how they were going to handle the Great Sayaman and Videl romance than Majin Buu, but I do understand when a project is no longer enjoyable it’s time to move on. They have more stuff coming. They didn’t mention anything about the DBZA versions of characters on their gaming channel but I’m glad they can work on projects that will advance them as creators and we’ll always have everything up to the Cell saga for as long as the rights holders allow it. If you go through their archives to the behind-the-scenes videos Kaiser put out you’ll see how much effort it took to make the animation fit their scripts and writing a story takes a lot of time and effort. While we’d all like to see the whole of Dragon Ball Z get the Abridged treatment, they’d rather it was good and ultimately that’s what matters, especially given how little money they can make from the project. (The aforementined in-character let’s plays and carefully designed merchandise is pretty much it without licensing fees.) I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next without the restrictions inherent in an Abridged series done right.

I also need to get caught up with Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged.

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