I’m pretty sure someone is cheating at this game.

Justice League Unlimited #2

DC Comics (December, 2004)

“Poker Face”

WRITER: Adam Beechen

ARTIST: Ethen Beavers

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Nick J. Napolitano

EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr.

Booster Gold joins in on Justice League poker night with Flash, Steel, and Huntress. Booster can’t figure out who Superman became so good when he heard he only just learned the game. That mystery is interrupted when the Royal Flush Gang decides to rob Vegas. The team brings the group down, with Superman saving Booster, which the others inform him is why they let him win on poker night. Do you want to be the one who beat him just before a super battle like this?

What they got right: The story is fun overall. While the art is not quite accurate to show the character models are very close in as much as Beavers’ art style and still look pretty good. (Although it is odd to see Huntress smiling.)

What they got wrong: Minor nitpicks but there are a couple. No, I don’t think Superman would get mad at you for beating him at poker or let you get stomped. He’s Superman for crying out loud! He’d probably more upset to learn they were letting him win. If it was their way of thanking him for all he does for the team I might buy it more. This version of Ace is a bit more aggressive than I remember, but I haven’t watched the show in a while outside of this clip:

One of the few parts of “Epilogue” I liked. While presumably that takes place after the events of this comic (with the dead girl and all) Ace just doesn’t feel right to me in this issue.

Recommendation: A good issue if you come across it but not one to go crazy trying to find.


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