Sally’s, however, faired surprisingly well.

I stay out of the internet drama. In fact I pretty much just use Twitter to promote the site lately because of all the nonsense going on. (I do check to see if anyone likes, shares, or comments on something I posted though.) And I’m not invested in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie because I don’t want to see Sonic in the real world, even if I give them credit for fixing the character model after the fans complained. It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood want to make fans happy. It could end up being good for all I know and I’m not against seeing the movie at this time like I am Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey or whatever the title is this hour.

Speaking of Harley Quinn and the poorly adapted Birds Of Prey it seems that fans of that movie who only care about the crazy goofiness and “girl power message” while not giving a fig about the source material or actual fans of the series have decided they don’t want the blue hedgehog’s movie to outshine their beloved movie and have opted to tell everyone just how sexist and homophobic the movie is. The movie does not come out until Friday but if you read the date of the article (Wednesday) apparently a lot of Harley Quinn fans have time machines. Also note how many time the exact same “review” came out in like four different tweets, word for word. At least you can make a comparison between Alita: Battle Angel and Captain Marvel beyond “comes out roughly the same time”. The article tries to explain why they targeted Sonic The Hedgehog and I still don’t get it.

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  1. Yeah, I don’t appreciate these ridiculous people who obsess over making something poorly made a success for political reasons. And their antics to tear down other material is ludicrous. Some of the posts are about how they left Sonic to go watch Birds of Prey with their kids instead… really? Does that sound more family friendly? What a joke haha


    • Considering it’s an R-rated movie I’m not sure I’d be bragging about taking my kids to see it. And I know that one person who claimed she found her kids at BOP after walking out of Sonic is full of it even if the movie was out yet.


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