When did Rick turn moe?

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #10

Yes, my collection jumps from book 2 #10 to book 3 #10. Back issues aren’t always easy to find for this series even when you have money to buy stuff.

Academy Comics, Ltd (October, 1994)

“Of Allies And Enemies”

WRITER: John Waltrip

ARTIST: Jason Waltrip

LETTERER: Alphabet Soup

The Waltrip brothers took over both writing and drawing, with the two switching roles each issue. Academy apparently couldn’t hire the same number of creators for a comic Eternity did.

Since we last saw our heroes they stole the new SDF-7 after the destruction of the Farrago and killed what they thought was the Regent (credit would go to Tesla but since it was secretly a clone of the Regent anyway it doesn’t matter), and liberated both Karbarra and Praxis. Edwards tries to spin all this to his advantage in a further bid for power, with Dr. Lang the only real objector. Back with our heroes Praxis was destroyed thanks to the Regis’s Genesis Pit experiments but they found an amnesiac mute girl during the rescue of the planet’s people that Bela names Praxa for the time being. Also lost was Baldan, who survived as a rock embryo, which Teal is forced to shape into the new baby Baldan, though it means establishing a personal connection she’d rather not. (Apparently they aren’t mates like the other couplings in the Sentinels.) How will all this play out as the still-alive Regent prepares to deal with the Sentinels on their way to Garuda?

What they got right: Since I seem to keep missing the good action issues at least the character moments are good. Thought is put into the various species, like how the rock folk reproduce. I don’t know if Praxa is going to turn out to be an Invid infiltrator like Marlene/Ariel but I’m good either way. Something happened in the Genesis Pits and we saw how violent the experiments were here. (It makes you wonder what we didn’t see on Earth in New Generation.) The villains are still worth threats, both Invid and human.

What they got wrong: Wait, if this is the SDF-7 and the REF came in the SDF-3, what happened to 4-6?

Recommendation: The Waltrips are as good writers as they are artists, taking over for Eternity’s writers during the Academy run. I pretty much recommend the entire Sentinels series and spin-offs.

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  1. Sean says:

    That is one colorful, awesome looking cover! Was the Academy version of Robotech: Sentinels in color or black and white?

    Also, what’s the deal with the woman in the bikini at the bottom of the cover?


    • Nope, all the Academy Robotechs were in black and white. The woman on the cover is Praxa, who I think is a survivor of the Regis’ Genesis Pit experiments on Praxis. They’re Amazons in the more traditional sense. Bela (the one who wanted the robot Pegasus horse) and Gnea are the usual representatives we see in the stories.


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