I’m curious how he even fits in this.

Scooby-Doo #2

DC Comics (September, 1997)

COLORIST: Patricia Mulhill

EDITOR: Bronwyn Taggart

“The Roswell Riddle”

WRITER: Terrance Grief

ARTIST: Ernie Colon


“Stubble Trouble”

WRITER: Chris Duffy


The main story has the gang visiting Roswell to learn there’s an alien about, who has a hovercraft and shapeshifting powers. Can the gang find the alien when they don’t know if one of them is an impostor? This is not the only Scooby story to involve Roswell or aliens, but the mystery is fairly decent. The only question I have is why the prospector suddenly shifted from wanting to be alone to running a souvenir booth. He doesn’t really have a character arc. Otherwise, enjoyable.

The back-up feature has the gang invited to Fred’s grandmother’s house for a celebration. However, Fred says grandma is particular about facial hair and Shaggy will have to shave those few hairs on his chin. That isn’t easy when they keep running into mystery after mystery and Shaggy doesn’t have time to shave. It’s a fun little story.

Overall, not a super exciting issue but not a bad one if you come across it.

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  1. […] have those back then. Also, we have yet another visit to Roswell, New Mexico. They already did that back in issue #2 but they act like they’ve never been there. They always go there. I think What’s New […]


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