I’ve been wanting to take a look at this one for a long time now. What I ended up with is another dark take on Masters Of The Universe but I have to admire the work put into it as a fan piece. They even went the extra mile and created a preview comic showcasing the events leading up to the movie that couldn’t be done on a crowdfunding budget. I recommend reading it first. The art is really good and the story fills in a few details but doesn’t spoil the movie. Note that both the comic and the movie has some rather violent deaths. Don’t watch while eating. I made that mistake.

However, Fall Of Grayskull is a short fan film by Daniel Benedict and you can tell that he’s a fan of the franchise even with the body count. It’s another story where Skeletor has taken over and is about to achieve his destiny. However, he both sought the help of and betrayed Shadow Weaver, captured He-Man, gotten hold of an amulet of great power, and now only Teela and Shadow Weaver stand to oppose him. Unless you watch the mid-credit scene that’s all the rage these days. I do have some nitpicks, like Evil-Lyn’s costume and why Tri-Klops only seems to have one eye, plus yet another redesign of the Power Sword, but otherwise the costumes are rather good for the budget and the mostly virtual sets also look good for a fan film budget. Then even got Alan Oppenheimer to do the narration. I hope you like it.

For something a bit more fun here are the outakes.

And here’s a little behind the scenes action.

There are some other goodies at the fan film’s official website, so check it out if you liked what you saw here. I think they’re working on the sequel but I’m not sure.

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  1. Sean says:

    Fall of Grayskull was an awesome short MOTU film! Judging by the scene in between the credits, it appears that a sequel will be coming out. I look forward to seeing that!


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