As I discussed in this week’s Clutter Report the week kind of got away from me and I didn’t get this week’s Jake & Leon even started. I could have tried to get a comic done since speed is one of the advantages of the comic’s style but lately I seem to do that a lot, so the Chapter By Chapter review doesn’t happen until the next day. I’ve been trying to get articles done the day before in case I ever restart the Patreon (I would love suggestions for improving the rewards. Link’s in the sidebar.) I really want to upgrade my gear and finally have income for more review material…not to mention not being a burden on my dad any more. Early access of a few hours isn’t as interesting as at least a day’s early access. So to get my schedule back on track and get everything done on time I decided to not force that this week and just go with an update.

I did find a new webcomic for an Internet Spotlight this week. (I haven’t done one of those articles in a long time.) We’re taking a huge jump in the Friday Scooby-Doo comics and one of the Sentinel tie-in comics for Robotech Thursday, while on Marvel Tuesday it’s part one of the three comic crossover “Standoff”, the one that features Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. I don’t have any actual plans otherwise outside of the next installment of the new Art Of Storytelling series. I usually come up with something though, so hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy this week. Have a good one!


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Am I hearing right? Is this good news…..did you land a job recently?


    • Not that I’m aware. I’m still unemployed. That’s why I was hoping I could do something with Patreon, but apparently I don’t have enough to offer for that support. I’ve just had other life stuff to deal with lately.


      • Sean says:

        Oh, I realize now that I had read your article too fast. I thought it had said that you finally have more income for more review material. Plus, I saw the title about resetting your schedule, and that all might made me think that you had started working a new job. Well, I do continue to say prayers that you will land a new job soon, Tronix.


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