Thor just realized he’s a volume behind the others because he didn’t have his own Heroes Reborn title. He has mixed feelings.

Thor volume 2 #58

Marvel Comics (March, 2003)

“Standoff” part 1

WRITER: Dan Jurgens

PENCILER: Alan Davis

INKER: Robin Riggs



ASSISTANT EDITORS: Sumerak & Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

At this point in Marvel continuity Odin is dead (which he does so often it’s practically his Odinsleep–Odinnap?), Asgard is now floating over New York City, and Thor is now the All-Father. As our story unfolds a small group worshiping Thor has formed in the country of Slokavia, where an oppressive government makes their lives miserable. When a group of worshipers are killed in a secret gathering by the soldiers, Thor decides to liberate the country. However, it serves as a buffer with Latveria, making Doctor Doom the closest he’d admit to being concerned and worries the US government as well. They ask Iron Man to talk to Thor, and Thor is willing to be reasonable until the solders fire nerve gas cannons (a gift from Latveria but our heroes don’t know that), and the Thunder God is now enraged, forcing Iron Man into the unwelcome position of standing (or floating to be specific) between him and the admittedly evil army. [Continued in Iron Man volume 3 #64]

What they got right: Thor responding to his worshipers makes sense for the character at this stage. The art is good, and story well crafted.

What they got wrong: The top of Iron Man’s helmet doesn’t open like that when Tony lifts the face mask up. Yep, that’s it.

Recommendation: A good start to this storyline, with a final recommendation depending how the crossover goes. So far it looks worth looking into.

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