Hasbro has unveiled the name and a (very) brief synopsis of their next Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Dino Fury. This the second time “Fury” has been used to name a Ranger team (at least it’s not “Force” again) and has a joint theme of dinosaurs and knights. (This comes from the sentai being used, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.) I’ve some fans are upset because they didn’t go with the name fans had created, Dino Knights, but while I see where they’re coming from with the joint theme “Dino Fury” isn’t bad and maybe they think kids will get more excited over their name? Personally I think it works, depending on the tone of the show.

As for the logo (you knew I was going to discuss it if you’ve been here long enough) Hasbro’s rework of the regular “Power Rangers” logo still lacks the oomph of the classic one Saban and Disney both used but their “Dino Fury” logo isn’t that bad. We’ll learn more about the show when they have a cast and a better idea of the direction they want to take their incarnation.

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