When you’ve been here as long as they had, the view of a wormhole opening isn’t as spectacular anymore.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #1

Malibu (August, 1993)


WRITER: Mike W. Barr

PENCILER: Gordon Purcell

INKER: Terry Pallot

no colorist credited

LETTERER: Patrick Owley

EDITOR: Tom Mason

Based on the fourth (again, I count the cartoon) Star Trek series that stayed true to Roddenberry’s vision but was a bit more willing to showcase the darker side of it. This story starts with Jake and Nog playing in an unused part of DS9 and unleashing a mold that takes in oxygen and exhales a toxic gas. As the mold spreads through the station and threatens everyone, the crew tries everything to figure out how to stop it, including wanting to check a series of artifacts from the Gamma Quadrant that may be tied to the rapid growth. However, the archeologist who found it refuses, worried the probing may damage the artifacts. To make matters worse the Cardassians arrive and swear they know how to stop the mold, if they’re given access to the station.

What they got right: The likenesses of the actors on the show are quite good, even Captain Johnson, who is based on John Tesh (Tesh’s only actual show appearance is an uncredited role as a holographic Klingon in TNG’s “The Icarus Factor”). It’s a nice nod to Tesh’s appearance in the show. The mold is certainly an unique threat and the story handles it well as we see the regular character each trying to add their skills to figure out what’s causing this (not knowing Jake & Nog’s involvement) or rescuing those in danger from the mold.

What they got wrong: Maybe it’s just me but Jake and Nog come off a bit younger written than they were in the show. Jake was 14 or 15 and while being irresponsible isn’t outside their characters, I think they overdid it somewhat.

Recommendation: A good start, though I do wonder why Malibu got the Deep Space Nine series when DC had the license to TOS and TNG at this time. Depending on how it ends (and I don’t have the next issue) this might be a good one to check out but even alone it isn’t bad.

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