I must not have gotten this issue. I have reviews of issues #2-4 when they came out but not the first one and I didn’t recognize either story. Well, let’s complete the set finally, shall we?

“They just reopened the shawarma shop! Let’s go!”

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1

Marvel Comics (November, 2010; posted to comiXology January, 2011)

WRITER: Christopher Yost

COLORIST: Jean-Francois Beaulieu

LETTERER: Dave Sharpe

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Michael Horowitz

EDITOR: Nathan Cosby


ARTIST: Scott Wegner



ARTIST: Patrick Scherberger

Based on the Disney XD series that fans really liked, but for some reason was replaced with a version fans didn’t, though it got better I’ve heard. The main story has Captain America trying to adjust to the modern world while helping stop AIM when it drops an adaptoid–a robot that can imitate the heroes’ powers (like DC’s Amazo)–in their laps. The art looks right out of the show and the story is well done, and is a good showing for Steve. I like how Thor, Iron Man, and Wasp each try to help him acclimate in their own ways and none of them are well-intended but a mistake. That’s how these things usually go until they finally get it right. Here each contribution is a good thing. It all actually does help in the end. The digital version is free but worth paying (depending on the price) for if you prefer the physical version.

The back-up feature I’m less than excited for but I wouldn’t call it bad. Hawkeye finds Whiplash (a woman in this version–I don’t know who the new Whiplash was in the main Marvel Universe at the time), one of the escapees from the Vault that led to the formation of this version of the Avengers. He signals for help, but gets Black Panther, and the two annoy Whiplash with their trust issues and banter. The story is fun enough but there’s no real resolution beyond the villain’s capture, and the art, while not bad, wasn’t to my personal taste and really doesn’t look like the show’s like the first story. Overall not a bad story but it didn’t impress me.

Together the comic is quite enjoyable and worth taking a look at, especially the main story if you were a fan of the cartoon.

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