The Regis auditions to be the Sorceress in the next Masters of The Universe production.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #20

Academy Comics, Ltd. (August, 1995)

“Destination: Earth”

WRITER/ARTIST: Jason Waltrip


Still reeling from the revelations from Worlds Of Robotech: Cyber World, the Regis gets another shock when Rem arrives before learning he’s only Zor’s clone, which Rem learns about from her. Still weak from the exposure to Garudan air but showing similar resistance to the other Tirolian clones the Regis interrogates him about the location of the Protoculture Matrix and the Robotech Masters. While he doesn’t know his cellular memories from Zor show her everything. She sees Zor’s arrival through his eyes, even learning that he did care for her at one point before the Masters’ betrayal and extreme deforestation of the Flower Of Life convinced him to send the Matrix where he believed they wouldn’t find it. Not sure what that planet is since it’s not part of the local group (you Robotech fans out there already know where she’s going), she sends out a Sensor Nebula to find the Matrix and takes off with it before her husband’s impending arrival on Haydon IV, leaving Rem behind.

What they got right: I suspect longer time readers who picked up the Eternity Comics run and read the issue that explained how Zor screwed over the Invid and his romance with the Regis got a bit extra out of this story or maybe already knew these events. As someone who hasn’t it’s a nice filling in of the gap of just how Zor found the Flowers Of Life. Remember, had this made it to TV it would be about filling in lore gaps in the Robotech universe necessitated by how the original was put together. I’m also happy with the letterer and hope she stays around a while longer. No issues with balloons flowing wrong and the sound effects are in boxes.

What they got wrong: The Regis’s presence takes a minor hit, like adding a Borg Queen to the Borg in the Star Trek universe. We’re watching the stoic, mysterious character of the Third Robotech War faint and get emotional, almost begging Rem at one point according to her facial and body expression to tell her where the Protoculture Matrix is. At least I understand her reaction to learning Zor did love her, if only briefly, by seeing events through his eyes via the cellular memories in Rem’s cloned DNA…which is a bit of science I have to question but it’s just meant to get the Regis where she needs to be for New Generation.

Other notes: As for Rem not knowing he’s Zor’s clone, I had thought that in one of the Eternity comics he did know but the scene I thought it was mentioned was actually an insult by Bela showing the Praxians hatred of the Masters and her blaming Zor for bringing the Invid to their world. So if it was mentioned to him before I don’t have the issue or stopped my search early. I remember it being a secret in the pilot that only Cabal knew.

Recommendation: A rather important issue in the full Robotech saga and one worth looking into, official canon aside. By the way, you know that notation of an interview on the cover? It was appearing in all the Robotech comics Academy put out that month and this seems right the proper place to go over it. Come back later for tonight’s feature article post (or whenever it shows up in your time zone) as we go over it and see what it tells us about the original plans for Robotech and how it’s approached by Harmony Gold today after his passing.

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s nice to know you will be sharing Carl Macek’s interview with us. Seeing that heading on the cover did cause me to wonder what Macek revealed in the interview. Looks like now I’ll actually get to find out in a few hours!


  2. […] with Carl Macek, discussing what was planned both for The Sentinels and in the future. Since I just reviewed the issue of The Sentinels it appears in this felt like the appropriate place to post and discuss […]


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