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Batman Black & White: Good Morning, Midnight

DC Comics (posted to comiXology June, 2010)


LETTERER: Bill Oakley

As Batman goes to rescue a schoolbus full of children from a deranged gunman Alfred opens an old letter Thomas Wayne wrote to Bruce on his third birthday. It talks about what he hopes for his son and how being a father changed him for the better. Afterwards Alfred lights the candle on a cake and hopes Bruce will be home in time to blow it out. It’s his birthday after all.

I see that Black And White isn’t going to have regular Batman stories. The only one I saw prior to these reviews was one with Man-Bat but I don’t own. I saw a review pointing out how problematic it was. Of the three I have reviewed thus far this is the best I’ve seen. The first one had an interesting premise but ugly art. The second had great art but a story that, while not terrible really didn’t grab my interest. This has both amazing art and a story that focuses on Thomas, what he had hoped for Bruce, and Alfred’s either disappointment or acceptance that really none of it came to pass, outside of Bruce being a light in the darkness. Overall I enjoyed it and it’s worth a read.

(By the way, the title seems to be referring to Alfred’s cat, but outside of dropping the story title the cat does nothing in the story.)

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  1. […] you’re only going to read one of these, this is the one I would most recommend, though Good Evening, Midnight is also a good one for a secondary recommendation. The rest either didn’t interest me […]


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