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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #23

Malibu Comics (May, 1995)

“The Secret Of The Lost Orb” part 1: “The Search”

WRITER: Dan Mishkin

PENCILER: Leonard Kirk

INKERS: Aubrey Bradford, Scott Reed, & Larry Welch

COLOR DESIGNER: Mike Heilemann

INTERIOR COLORING: Salvador Manche with the Wolfpack

LETTERER: Roxanne Starr

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Clarissa Manasala

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

A man claiming to be a vedek (a Bajorian version of a priest) turns out to an antiquities dealer with some legal but questionable methods of getting what he wants. The man, a human named Lane Crockett, is working for Kai Winn to find an orb of the Prophets that didn’t make the usual schedule and was thought lost for years. Using information he gets out of Kira under his guise, Lane learns that the orb is held current by a splinter sect of the Bajoran faith who used what they learned to help form the resistance against the Cardassian occupation. Lane steal the orb but not for Winn. He has other masters in the Gamma Quadrant, who once owned the orb itself and supposedly corrupted the Prophets’ message to become a war race.

What they got right: A story following the mysterious Prophets and the Orbs that grant people visions and how those visions may be viewed by others is certainly an interesting idea. How do the Orbs fit into whatever it is the Prophets are trying to do? This might have made a decent story idea for the show, depending on how the actual story ends.

What they got wrong: I don’t know what kind of working relationship Mishkin or other Malibu writers for this series had with the writers of Deep Space Nine so I don’t know what revelations will be made here will be countered by the show. DC ran into trouble between the second and third Star Trek movies, as well as the third and the fourth, and their comics because they didn’t know what was planned so hopefully Malibu and the DS9 writers were able to better co-ordinate.

Recommendation: The premise is interesting and I hope I have the other two issues in this storyline. I can give a better recommendation if I do but this one has a nice start. Might be worth a look.

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