At least I think that’s what the video is about because I haven’t watched it yet. Now you may be wondering why I’m posting a video I haven’t fully watched yet. I did watch the beginning so I know sort of what the story of Final Fantasy VII is about and I know who Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, and Tifa are because I’m on the internet and travel in geek circles. However, I have never played the game or watched a play through of the classic video game, one of the most beloved in the Final Fantasy franchise. I have been watching Dan from PlayFrame play the game and I’m experiencing the story for the first time. That’s how I want to experience it and so far I’m enjoying the game. I thus want to save watching the rest of this video until his play through is done.

I also can’t think of a single thing to discuss right about now and I’m up against the clock. My feed is filled with backstage drama, online shenanigans, cancel culture, riots in the name of someone who deserves to be avenged but wouldn’t want to see storefronts of people getting by having their livelihood destroyed after being shut down for months due to the death plague and now will never open again. I’m not getting political (well, maybe that last part because the riots piss me off and I’m not even the one suffering) but my news feed certainly is and I’m afraid to look at my Twitter feed even more than usual. Even the YouTube videos are failing me except for reviews that wouldn’t match up to this site anyway.

So to bring us all something different Austin of Austin Eruption and a member of the Game Theorists with his The Science Of… series compares the two versions of the game to see what’s been added. I know Dan has mentioned some alterations during his play but those of you already spoiled on the story might find this interesting. I know he swears in other videos so maybe he’s swearing here too. I’ll watch it as soon as PlayFrame is done with Dan’s playthrough.

Catch more of Austin on his YouTube channel.


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