Now this is decor I could get behind for once this week.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #21

Academy Comics, Ltd (September, 1995)

“The Predator And The Prey”



Edwards uses the opportunity of the Zentraedi taking the ore to further gain a foothold with the REF, convincing them to let him send a force out after Breetai. He also tries to force himself on Minmei but she manages to escape and sees through Edwards’ plans to conquer Earth. She runs into a soldier who agrees to help her escape the SDF-3 and to the planet. Meanwhile, the SDF-7 arrives at Haydon IV but not before the Regent.

What they got right: I kind of feel sorry for Minmei in this issue. She thinks back about Rick and Kyle vying for her affections and now Edwards and Wolfe, and how she keeps making the wrong choice. Kyle is also foreshadowing but you don’t know that for sure now. I do because I remember what comes up later.

What they got wrong: Wait, so she knew Rick wanted to be more than friends all along? Was she stringing him along and only decided to pursue him when he got closer to Lisa? This part doesn’t really make her look good, plus she never really had a romantic relationship with Kyle (and no, I haven’t forgotten they’re cousins or what Chinese culture would say versus it still being gross, but that’s on Macross/Robotech I), though he did force a kiss on her once, so Edwards keeps that tradition alive.

Recommendation: A good story only so far as continuing the narrative and what’s going on back on Tirol. It’s not really the issue to start on but I do recommend the entire series anyway.

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  1. Sean says:

    Minmei is such a tragic figure when it comes to romance!


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