Can we just stop now? I guess Russel T. Davies was jealous of Chris Chibnall’s press (angry as most of it has been on the fans side) or now fan hate is the new standard among modern creators. First Chibnall decided to make the Doctor superspecial by making him/her an eternally generating being called The Timeless Child and the source of regeneration among the Time Lords. Now Davies, no stranger to making the Doctor the most special being in the universe during his run, has further boosted that by stating in a recent audio drama that the Doctor could even turn into different species, not just different genders.

I learned of this through a Clowfish TV episode on YouTube and while I don’t share Kneon dislike of furries (or anthropomorphic beings) I do agree that this is a bit too far. The more godlike they try to make the Doctor the less interested I am. This pretty much kills New Who for me because all the charm of the original has now been drained out. God Who is not the show I came for and was one of my problems with Davies’ run as well as the Timeless Child being already making the Doctor too special. Who cares if a Doctor dies now? Where’s the drama? Where’s the tension? The rest of the universe? Those stakes were already there and in more interesting shows. The Doctor Cosmic is not worth my time. I’ll stick with the old series, which streams on Pluto TV (channel 370) and I have a few serials on home video. It’s like nobody in creative cares about legacies and just want to tell random stories using famous names because they’re too lame to promote their own ideas and IP.

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