I wonder if they sell these at Spencer’s?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #24

Malibu Comics (June, 1995)

“Secret Of The Lost Orb” part 2: “Acceptable Losses”

WRITER: Dan Mishkin

PENCILER: Leonard Kirk (fitting name for a Star Trek creator)

INKER: John Montgomery

COLORIST: Mike Hellman

LETTERER: Ronnie Cruz

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Clarissa Manasala

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

Against Sisko’s advice Kira for some reason listens to Kai Winn and goes alone to retrieve the stolen Orb. She learns that even without the Orb the Aresians are a warrior race and has to be rescued by Crockett, who hopes he’ll help her sell the Orb back to the Bajorans. However, when he beams the Orb back the Defiant beams them in. Now they have the stolen Orb back but the Aresian rulers, the “Wargods”, want all of Bajor’s Orbs and plan to launch an attack!

What they got right: The Aresians aren’t the first warlike society in the Star Trek Universe but they be one of the most cruel. That makes them a decent threat for this story. Even Kira’s “rescuers” are really just upset they didn’t get their cut of the loot lately. Seeing Sisko show how little he thinks of Winn is always nice. I like the design of the Aresians as an alien race.

What they got wrong: If they’re looking for an alien how did Crockett not get picked out? The average citizens and law enforcers probably don’t know who he is. It seems a little convenient that he shows up and manages to take the Orb back. The Aresians are of course named for Ares, the god of war, but it seems odd or a heck of a coincidence they share the name. Not that such things are new in sci-fi but it still should be pointed out.

Recommendation: Two out of three and the story is still doing good. If it concludes well it will be one to pick up.

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