“Guys, I’m right behind you!”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #22

FINAL ISSUE (of book 3)

Academy Comics, Ltd. (October, 1995)

“A Clockwork Planet”

WRITER/ARTIST: Jason Waltrip

LETTERER: Mike DeLepine

The Sentinels arrive at Haydon IV but Veidt reminds them to stand down because the defenses don’t allow for any aggression, even by the Invid. However, the Invid have made themselves such a part of life on the planet that they only way they can get help from the planet’s advanced medical science for their friends (including maybe restoring Praxia’s voice and memories) and reclaim Rem is for the Sentinels to offer Tesla and the captured scientists in exchange. This may be a problem as Tesla has a strange reaction to all the unprocessed Flower Of Life fruit he’s eaten and rather violently evolves, killing the scientists in the process. Meanwhile Max learns that Miryia had less exposure than the others but she was also with child and Jean isn’t sure what the effect will be on it.  As a back-up Jack takes his team down to the planet in secret in case the Invid try to betray them, but the planet’s defense systems show their displeasure.

What they got right: There really isn’t one element I can point to above others. It just does an overall good job of moving the story along and it should be interesting to see how they handle a war on a planet that doesn’t let you fight.

What they got wrong: This should have been the first issue of book 4, not the last issue of book 3. There is one part where the panels of Baker’s team sounding off could have been better ordered to flow the dialog better, and as both writer and artist he should have known that. However, my main complaints continue to be the lettering. We’re back to sound effects in boxes but now the text is smaller than it should be and there’s one typo that someone should have caught. Can we get last issue’s guest letterer back full time?

Recommendation: A good transition to the next story arc. I still recommend the entire Sentinels series but this one only works if you’re following said series.

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  1. Sean says:

    That cover clearly represents the concept and idea of unity.

    Will Book 4 be the last of the Robotech: Sentinels series?


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