“I love my bath toys.”

Justice League Unlimited #26

DC Comics (December, 2006)

“The Ghosts Of Atlantis”

WRITER: Bill Williams

PENCILER: Carlo Barberi

INKER: Zach Howard

COLORING: Heroic Age

COVER ART: Ty Templeton

LETTERER: Mike Sellers

EDITOR: Michael Wright

Superman, Doctor Fate, and Booster Gold answer a distress call from Aquaman. Something has brought giant statues to life and are attacking Atlantis. It turns out that Black Manta and Felix Faust are behind the assault, but their differences prove to be their undoing. At least Fate got out of the tower for a while.

What they got right: There’s a nice humor moment between Booster (who isn’t treated like a total boob in this story) and Fate. Even Aquaman knows when to accept help. The action is good.

What they got wrong: Why does Kent have a full beard? They also have Superman breathing and talking underwater without any kind of breathing tank. That’s not one of his powers.

Recommendation: A fun adventure worth looking into.

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