“Janice, did you do something different with your hair?”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #5

Academy Comics, Ltd (April, 1996)

“Monkey Wrench”

WRITER/INKER: John Waltrip

PENCILER: Jason Waltrip

Tesla showcases new powers as he takes control of the shuttle pilot and forces it to the Invid Hive. This gives the Regent the opening he needs to force the Sentinels down and retake them, Veidt and Sarna going with them (though Vowad claims they don’t have to) to the holding pens where they find other survivors of Praxia, including one who knows Praxa, or rather Dorna. Our heroes learn about the Genesis Pit experiments, how it led to Praxia’s destruction, and how they escaped in a ship left behind, only to be drawn to Haydon IV anyway and recaptured. Meanwhile Janice convinces the others to go to the Awareness. When Janice links into the system Rick, Lisa, and Karen’s Hin connection returns letting them know it’s okay to safely fire on the Invid guards. The battle to liberate Haydon IV has begun.

What they got right: We learn more about Praxa/Dorna’s past finally and I’m pretty sure I’ll remember Dorna’s name a lot easier. It will be interesting to see how the others react to Janice or what Tesla can do now (and maybe we’ll get to see some of that before the series ends since it was cut way short).

What they got wrong: I can’t really complain about anything in this issue.

Recommendation: A good issue but of course I recommend the whole series.

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  1. Sean says:

    Why is the title named as “Monkey Wrench”?


    • Tesla throws one on the Sentinels plans, and Janice throws one into the the Invid’s plans. Makes more sense than the titles in some of the Justice League Unlimited comics I’ve reviewed lately.


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