See, THIS is how you make an awesome Bat-logo. And this game doesn’t even have Batman in it. Because he’s dead.

With DC and Warner Brothers being obsessed with Batman for all the wrong reasons, it makes sense that another bat-themed video game has been made. Only with Gotham Knights Batman doesn’t play a role, because like I said he’d no longer among the living. Instead you will play as one of four Gotham heroes, as you’ll see in the trailer below. I’m a little iffy on dead Batman but maybe the game will make up for it?

So it looks like you’re able to play as one of four heroes, unless this is one of those games where you switch back and forth between them. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin (current Robin Damien Wayne I’m guessing, though an IGN video says it’s Tim Drake), and Red Hood (Jason Todd), and maybe they’ll each have their own moves and style, which would be nice. My question is why Batman AND Commissioner Gordon have to be dead for this and what happened to the Batcave? Instead our team works out of another headquarters, the aptly named “Belfry”, since unless you count Batgirl the bats are most definitely out of right now. No sign of Batwoman or sadly Tim Drake, Spoiler, and Cassandra “Orphan” Cain. It might have been nice to play as Tim (or Damien if IGN is right) or Cass but I guess they can only fit so many characters and outside of Tim and Batwoman, who is currently being replaced by another character who will take her mantle in the CW DCU, none of them have made it out of the comics.

Interesting that they also plan to bring Talon and the Court Of Owls into the story. They have appeared in one of the recent direct-to-video movies and I’m not sure what their status is in the comics, but there is some potential there if it turns out they’re the big bads of the game. It’s something other than the usual Batman rogues gallery, though I’m betting they’ll show up somehow as well.

DC and WB Games have also released a short demo play of the game in pre-alpha build, following Batgirl and to a lesser extent Robin in a scene from the game.

It makes sense for Batgirl to fight with some of Batman’s moves given not only her costume but serving as Oracle in previous Bat-Games (though the official word is this doesn’t take place in the same continuity as the Arkham games). She won’t be a one-to-one replacement, which is a good thing since she should have a style unique to Barbara, and it appears Robin has his own specialties as well. We didn’t get to see Nightwing or Red Hood in action but I’m guessing they’ll have their own moves as well. Each character should feel unique. I hope when the game is done you actually have the option of four-player online multiplayer so you and your friends can take on one of the four heroes. If you have more than four friends…they’ll have to play their own campaigns I guess.

I do like the models for the characters and while everything is early build it’s shaping up nicely. Having the villain match your powerset (presumably if you aren’t has high a level the villain won’t be overpowered because that would ruin the game) is also good for more advanced players while casuals like me might still enjoy it. The IGN video also pointed out some other features, like the RPG style hit stats and how some weapons seem to offer more damage than others based on the situation. That could be challenging in the right ways.

I’m still iffy on the plot but the game itself looks like it might be fun if everything works right in the end. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, but I still need to finish the Batman games I have (one of which I keep hoping to do as a let’s play video series) so we’ll see how that goes. Any of you excited for this?


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