I reviewed a chapter of a Doctor Who novel yesterday, I had to see a medical doctor today (just a check-up), so let’s do something else Doctor Who related, and I have something that’s been in the filler video list for some time now.

Janet Fielding has something in common with the character she’s known for here in the States, Tegan Jovanka. Tegan was an Australian flight attendant who traveled with the Fourth & Fifth Doctors. Just as Tegan gave the Doctors no quarter when they did or said something wrong, Fielding isn’t afraid to take the show to task for their occasionally questionable treatment of female characters or actresses in media. She has recently returned to her role in a series of Big Finish audio dramas, and still keeping #5 in line when he needs it but still considering him her friend along with Nyssa (Sarah Sutton).

At the 2019 Wholanta event Retroblasting host Michael had a chance to sit down with Fielding to discuss her Companion career, and how she’s treated when she finally gets back to Heathrow Airport.

Catch more Retroblasting on their YouTube channel.


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  1. Sean says:

    A few months back, I watched this Retroblasting video interview with Janet Fielding. The Dr. Who related videos on Retroblasting are worth watching.


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