He hasn’t but it feels like he’s appeared more on the covers than he has in the actual issues.

New Avengers #8

Marvel Comics (August, 2005)

“The Sentry” part 2

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILER: Steve McNiven

INKER: Mark Morales


COLORIST: Morry Hollowell

LETTERER: Albert Deschesne

PRODUCTION: tom Valente

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Aubry Sitterson & Molly Lazer


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

While Spider-Woman uses her pheromones to distract The Wrecker the others join her in defeating him. Meanwhile, Bob Reynolds in confronted with the Sentry comic and his not-dead wife and freaks out, disappearing in a burst of light. Somehow he’s tracked to a suburban neighborhood in Hartford, CT where he finds representatives of every then-active superhero team in the Marvel universe at the time. This may be a mistake because they may have attracted the Void…and he isn’t the same kind of villain from the comic book.

What they got right: The flashback to how Wolverine joined up is the closest thing to something funny thus far. The mystery of the Sentry as presented here is interesting, as we still don’t know if the other comic is considered in regular Marvel continuity or not. I also like that they got an artist who made comics back in the Silver Age to draw the panels of The Sentry supposedly produced by Paul Jenkins at the time.

What they got wrong: Although Jenkins doesn’t actually look that old in this comic and probably isn’t in real life. We also have the Sentry barely showing up in a storyline that bears his name. If this had been called “The Wrecker” it might have been more accurate since Bob’s mystery has been the “b” plot the past two issues. I double-checked with my dad just to be sure and there is no neighborhood like Bob’s in Hartford. Hartford is a city, the capital of the state of Connecticut, and I know I’ve never seen an area like that…granted I’ve only been to the area with the convention centers but even I knew this looks more like a small town than an industrial city. Also for some reason most of the pages in this comic not taking place in the Sentry comic book is a two-page group of panels, which just looks odd. (Still better than Liefeld’s Galactica since there’s more than three panels and stuff sort of happens.) Finally, there are some odd pose choices in the group shot of the heroes outside of Bob’s door, especially one short-haired girl I don’t recognize but is wearing a generic X-Men outfit. That’s in line with the facial expressions lacking…expression.

Recommendation: I’m still not seeing anything to recommend in this run. Unless you’re really into the Sentry this whole arc appears to be another wash.

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