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If he’s right, and he did guess The Joker, I’m even less interested in this not-Batman movie. And what I said at the beginning of that post can be altered to apply to this movie thusly:

I want to make one thing perfectly clear to anyone rushing to this movie’s defense or my interpretation of MatPat’s latest Film Theory episode about (Matt Reeves’ The Batman) movie. I am NOT talking about the quality of the movie. It could well be a good movie. This is about the quality of the ADAPTATION, although they have said that they are ignoring the comic. (That last part isn’t what they’ve said for this movie like Todd Philips did for Joker but it sure looks like it given the costumes and tone.) This leads me to the question that is at the heart of my problem with this movie: WHY did it have to be (Batman)? Is there any reason to make a (Batman) movie that ignores the source material other than the popularity of the name hopefully bringing in viewers? My answer is no, and this latest episode proves it.

We were all excited when we heard Reeves wanted to put more focus on the detective aspect often ignored in the movies outside of Mask Of The Phantasm, the old serials, and even the Adam West/Burt Ward version. The trailer shows this and the costume is all Reeves knows or cares about Batman and I’m not looking forward to yet another person who doesn’t understand the source material.

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