You came back. I’m surprised part one didn’t chase off more readers. That’s one of the reasons I try to avoid politics in these discussions. To me political commentary trumping good storytelling (you can have good storytelling and still do social commentary if you try) is one of many problems I have, but this commentary is one that I felt needed to be had. Gatekeeping, excluding fans because everything needs to be made for you–especially if the original wasn’t, is not good storytelling. It’s also being a horrible person but hate is more important these days. It’s like a new take on the Monkees song “Randy Scouse Git”.

Why don’t you be like me?
Why don’t you stop and see?
Why don’t you hate who I hate,
Kill who I kill to be free?

That was going up against stuck up snobs who looked down on hippies because in their mind they were all the same and not in a good way. I guess they just changed party affiliations. So we have “Author Unknown”, who put together a rant someone posted in image form on Facebook insisting that all geek media was immediately liberal and all conservatives are alt-right Nazis. This isn’t a political site nor do I intend to make it one. Tomorrow I’m discussing a song that have nothing to do with politics and getting back to the topics I love. However, you have to have an understanding of what a property is and what the intentions are if you’re going to do it justice, and that includes if the show or comic in fact IS liberal-minded or conservative-minded…or (*gasp*) completely neutral and just wants to entertain everybody because that’s where your heart (or at least your wallet) finds fulfillment. I’ve looked at half of this list and made my case. Let’s burrow through the rest. This time only some of them are the short sentences as we have some longer paragraphs to dissect. So let’s get this over with. Like how my dad pulls off adhesive bandages.

“What are we looking at anyway?”

Star Trek

Star Trek is about equality for all genders, races, and sexualities. As early as the mid-60s it was taking a pro-choice stance and defending women’s right to choose.

It did what now? Sexualties did come up in one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but as SF Debris went over in his recent review of the Deep Space Nine episode “Rejoined” having Curzon’s widow and Jadzia kiss was a last-minute addition and the fact they were women wasn’t an issue to anyone. So you get half a point in that first sentence. But someone want to show me the classic series episode that was pro-choice? It’s not one I remember seeing. The TNG episode “The Outcast” was a bit different. It involved a genderless society where one person chose a gender. While the case has been made for a gay allegory it also has an opening for a reverse of the non-binary perspective of today due to not being as heavy-handed. Even if it isn’t the intended message someone is still getting something positive out of it and relating to it.

One of its clearest themes is accepting different cultures and appearances and working together for peace.

Correct. That’s not what modern Trek is doing but it is what classic Trek did and why classic Trek fans complain when modern Trek tries for the token checklist. Even George Takei, a vocal advocate for gay rights and married to a man himself, said that Sulu should be straight because that’s what the character was on the show, which the reboot movie makers ignored. Star Trek: Discovery marketed itself strongly on having a black female lead, which is totally focusing on her race while her character is the part subject for controversy, not her skin color or gender despite what New Trek defenders insist. They made a big commentary recently about their first non-binary character, but as stated earlier genderless beings are nothing new to the franchise either, right up to the original pilot if you ask some people. (I’m not convinced on that one but I can’t disprove it either. The Talosians sure don’t show any hint of gender yet need a man and woman to repopulate their planet.) Martin Luther King, Jr., whose call for peaceful coexistence and wanting people to be judged by their character not their skin color is rejected by certain liberal black groups out there in the current race discussion, convinced Nichelle Nichols to go through with TV’s first interracial kiss (which was forced on Kirk and Uhura by a bunch of psionic bullies with an ancient Rome fixation) because it would advance interracial relations…not just those relations, though this is Kirk we’re talking about…as part of his goals of racial harmony. Apparently we learned nothing.

(It’s also anti-capitalist and pro vegan.)

Starting with The Next Generation the former is true, but “pro vegan” only goes as far as accepting someone’s right to live that life, not that the whole of Starfleet is vegan exclusive and you’re evil for eating meat.

I wish I had another picture of both of them solo. This is during the Supermullet years where Diana apparently had cape-long hair.

“Superman and Wonder Woman (and a whole host of other superheroes are immigrants. The stance of those comics is pro-immigration and pro-equality and acceptance. If you didn’t get that, you didn’t get Superman or Wonder Woman.”

I find it funny that Unknown is trying to claim Wonder Woman when Wondy 52 went all “kill my enemies” Kratos, militant feminists rejected her as a UN spokescharacter for women’s rights because of her outfit, thus slut shaming a character feminist icon Gloria Steinem once praised as a positive role model for women and little girls, and now wants to claim as “their own” because her movie is one of three DCEU films people actually liked. By the way, her being an immigrant (outside of the occasional fish out of water story in early post-Crisis reboot tales) has never been an important aspect of her character or theme. Outside of the Xena ripoff versions Diana is an ambassador for Paradise Island/Themyscira bringing a message of peace, love, and despite a warrior’s training only fighting when she has to. Even killing Maxwell Lord was seen as a necessary thing while he could mentally control Superman, at least in her perspective. That is not the message on the streets right now in 2020 but I digress.

As for Superman, here we go again. Look, Kal-El doesn’t just look Caucasian. Based on how we separate ourselves on stupid things he IS a white man. Coming from Krypton is just an excuse to give him superpowers (and the planet did have black people–living on one island because someone didn’t think things through) and in the Silver Age onward drag in more science fiction elements. That’s it. He came to Earth as a baby, a toddler at most. He was raised on Earth, with nobody except the Kents (and for the longest time not Clark himself) that he was anything other than a white man who kept to himself (to hide his powers–if you take anything from his upbringing it’s that people might not accept your extraordinary talents) but was otherwise a nice kid/guy loved and respected by everyone in Smallville, Kansas, where he grew up on traditional values and love of “truth, justice, freedom and the American Way”.

Even this was about protecting the country and, oh yes, AVOIDING BEING DRAGGED INTO WORLD POLITICS! I still hate the idea of him rejecting his citizenship and that last balloon, and it was just about getting Man Of Steel more accepted worldwide in theaters, as David S. Goyer was responsible for writing both. However, he was trying to get pulled out of politics because that’s not what he’s about. Superman doesn’t ask you where you stand on current or former Presidents before saving you, doesn’t look at your skin color before saving you, or ask who you’re sleeping with or worshiping before saving you. He is not liberal, he is not conservative. He is Superman. NOBODY gets to “claim” Superman. Except maybe the two Jewish men who created him. Yeah, amazing how many Jews are responsible for creating superheroes and long before Nazi was a word.

Here’s one of those Jewish men we’ve been talking about. Co-created half of the original Marvel Universe characters and concepts. Including Black Panther.

Stan Lee said “Racism and bigotry are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today”. If you’re bigoted or racist you didn’t get any of the characters Stan Lee created.

You mean like the businessman who created weapons because Stan wanted to see if he could make 60s readers feel sympathy for him by damaging his heart? That was his reasoning when working on Iron Man. The question is how we define what is “racist” in this country right now versus when he said that. For some of any skin color, affirmative action is racist because it’s basically telling women and minorities “you cannot succeed with your own skills so you need the good white people to give it to you since you aren’t good enough”. You know, despite all the rich, successful black people out there. Oprah Winfrey saying black people or women can’t become rich and powerful is like Peter Parker saying “spider-bites can’t give you superpowers, right Miles Morales and Cindy Moon?” and expecting to be believed. That’s one Captain PSA needs to take a look at now that I think of it. He already covered magic capes and general radiation. Sorry, the political overload is starting to get to me. I hate discussing this stuff. It’s not fun, but it has to be done. We’re almost done with this though.

The stories we grew up with all taught us to value other people and cultures and to treasure the differences between us. Only villains were xenophobic, or sexist, or racist, or totalitarian. I can’t understand how anyone can have missed that.

Me either, but considering his whole rant is “conservatives are evil and every geek creation is liberal and only liberal” I don’t think he got it either. Daredevil and Nightcrawler are both Catholic, a common far-left target. Other heroes had Christian upbringings as well. Is that liberal? The author is writing off anyone who is not as left as he/she is as hateful and judging them. He’s stretching some of these descriptions to suit his “fact” that every hero he loves is as left as he is based on an extreme view of conservatives. He’s serving as judge and stereotyping pretty much everybody in the process then claims to be the open-minded and loving one here.

If you’re upset that there’s a black Spider-Man, or a black Captain America, or a female Thor, or that Ms. Marvel is a Muslim, or that Captain Marvel is pro-feminism or any of those other things right-wing “fans” say is “stealing their childhood” – you never got it in the first place.

“Oh cool. Who is this “Love” hero? Redbird and I get lonely up here sometimes. We could use a new friend.”

The only person I’ve seen upset or dismissive of Miles “half black/half Latino” Morales is a black man who writes him off as tokenism but will still take him over Riri Willaims. (Note our author doesn’t mention anyone who hasn’t had a TV show, movie, or video game appearance or one announced. I bet he’s never heard of Ironheart.) Most of the comic fans I follow seem to like him, including the conservative ones. He didn’t replace Peter Parker, except in the Ultimate Universe, and works alongside him as a second Spider-Man. (Don’t you think he deserves his own hero identity by now? Even “Spider-Gwen” goes by Ghost Spider now. Be your own hero, Miles.) As I’ve stated before, Sam Wilson becoming Captain America in his case is a step down because he already had his own well-established hero identity and now he’s just an also-ran, the fifth person to carry the mantle. If Patriot grew up and became the next Cap I wouldn’t mind so much and beyond that I don’t care if Sam does because Captain America is a title. Thor however IS HIS NAME! Thor Odinson! Jane becoming Valkyrie like she is in the comics now is perfectly fine, and yes I do say the same thing about the other white guys not Donald Blake who became Thor. Once it was retconned that Blake was actually Thor and not just a doctor who could call on his powers anyone else using the name became wrong. You don’t see Thor running about as a nurse calling himself Jane. I just gave someone a bad idea, didn’t I? That or I came up with a future Jake & Leon skit.

Ms Marvel…Muslim and superhero fangirl who can make her limbs bigger. I don’t have the dislike some others do but that’s because I’m mostly apathetic. Carol Danvers I liked better as Warbird and making her the next in a series of Captains Marvel is just to keep DC from giving Billy Batson back his superhero name from his creation from before there WAS a Marvel Comics and that’s my problem. That and they retconned her origins because man stench or something so I’m not impressed there either. And I have heard liberals make the same complaints because these changes weren’t made to benefit the story but to check off the token points and in many cases they don’t know what to do with the characters beyond that. Look how long it took the lesbian Batwoman to be more than a middle finger to Fredrick Wertham and actually be a good character.

The things you claim are now “pandering to the lefties” were never on your side to begin with.

They weren’t on “your side” either because they weren’t intended for a liberal or conservative audience. They were created for anyone who wanted to read them. While many of the creators were liberal over the years, they weren’t necessarily far left and there were plenty of conservative and apolitical creators as well. Comics were meant for everybody. Not everybody who adheres to a particular sociopolitical viewpoint. Many comics were created for kids, the dominant audience until recently when creators decided they needed to adultify comics so they wouldn’t be accused of reading “kids stuff”. Kids don’t care about your politics because they’re kids. They don’t know anything about the world yet and just want to be entertained. Many adults just want to be entertained and not preached to, even if it’s something they might agree with. I’ve seen people who don’t like Trump who are tired of “orange man bad” stories seeking to dominate their entertainment because they want a break from that nonsense and don’t want to spend every waking hour in hate mode. It’s one of the reasons American comic fans turn to manga, because Japan doesn’t care about US politics, which has made them a target now for the far left even when they don’t read any comics of either country. It’s all about “the cause” when the only cause fans have after a hard day’s work is to relax, be entertained, and enjoy themselves.

But 2020 is the year fun was put to the guillotine, isn’t it?


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