This is a bit off-topic but it’s been that kind of week and this one is more fun. Any blogger on a decent host has some kind of spam filter. WordPress, my host, uses Askimet, which doesn’t simply delete the spambots. It holds it in a folder to be checked, just in case an actual poster was accidentally sent to the spam folder. Most of the time they do okay, though every now and then one sneaks through and gets posted. Some of these spambots are rather amusing, and Gary over at Crisis At Earth Prime (check the RSS feed at the bottom of the page) shows off a few of these as well as the often scary search requests that bring people to his site. I’ve had a few of those but I’ve never had anything like this…a spambot who seemed more interested in reaching the webmaster than any posters.

I’ve had excerpts from a story about a Christian family sitting down to dinner and discussing God but they weren’t in any kind of order. However, this set of spam posts bounced around to numerous articles and the way it showed up in my filter actually gives a full article about tips for playing poker. I don’t play poker. If I ever went to a casino I might play a few hands of Blackjack, maybe roulette or the slots, but not poker. So I don’t know how useful it is. What I found fascinating is how this post, sent to random articles one paragraph at a time formed an almost complete article in my spam filter.

I blocked out the spambot email addresses and the website. No free promotion here for this nonsense, but all of them are for the same online gambling site. Notice each “poster” name is different, and the articles chosen are in no particular order. After being rudely interrupted by another spambot talking about paintball guns they resume.

I said it was almost complete. I didn’t say it was coherent. I’m wondering if this bot ever played poker. I barely know the game and even I know poker is a card game, with bone not being part of any casino experience I’ve ever seen on TV. Are they playing dominoes by mistake? In the final set the last post was also interrupted but I just moved it up to cover…I don’t even remember what it was.

And that’s where the nonsense ended. If you couldn’t read any of these click on them and they should open a separate tab or window (depending on how your browser’s set up) with a larger view. I just found this humorous enough to share just because of how oddly this came out in my filter. Yes, they’re deleted now, but the memories remain.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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