“Rut rhut arout the ramifications rov raving rour ratoms rorn arart rand….”

Scooby-Doo #44

DC Comics (March, 2001; posted to comiXology September, 2014)

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Dave Hunt

LETTERER: Ryan Cline


EDITOR: Joan Hilty


WRITER: Rurik Tyler

COLORIST: Paul Becton

SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon

“The Jerzy Devil”

WRITER: Terrence Griep, Jr.

COLORING: Digital Chameleon

Our first adventure takes place at a planetarium, where an alien keeps ruining an exhibition. The ending is kind of weak, Velma and Daphne piece together clues they find in the garbage, and Shaggy and Scooby do their usual hi-jinks with the monster, and those last two are what saves the story. I was hoping for more solvable mysteries like last issue but sucks to be me.

In the second tale a kite business is under attack from the Jersey Devil, and I assure you that makes more sense in the story. I like this one. It has a decent ending and a good (for the limited space) mystery, though this time the trade-off is having to be told how they did it. It was a good one to end on.

Overall, it’s not a bad story. Not one to go crazy hunting down but if you have the extra cash not a bad read.

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