No, I didn’t screw up the order again.

Star Trek Annual #6

DC Comics (1995)

“Convergence” part 1: “Split Infinities”

PLOT: Howard Weinstein (writer) and Michael Jan Friedman


INKER: Sam de la Rosa

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

During a mission to investigate tests of a new Romulan cloaking device Gary Seven arrives to warn Spock he is in danger, only for a Devidian to transport in, kill Gary, and escape with Spock as his prisoner. As the crew tries to figure out what’s going on another Aegis agent, Exana, and her feline assistant, Nova, arrive to fill them in that the Devidians, a race first met by the Enterprise-D, is trying to alter Federation/Romulan history but only she and Gary thought this was a problem. Defying orders like Gary did, Exana agrees to help find Spock, but has to be careful not to negatively impact history too much. Meanwhile, the Devidians have also kidnapped a Romulan who played a role in ending the first Federation/Romulan war and later brings in Captain Harriman of Enterprise-B before his own mission involving Romulan incursions.

In the 24th Century Sybok has taken Spock’s place as Vulcan ambassador trying to bring peace between Vulcan and Romulus. This sets of Guinan’s senses but not in time for Data to become the Devidians next victim. The Enterprise-D crew find a path to where he was taken while Exana leads the Enterprise-A to the Devidian base to rescue their friend unaware of the other events. [Continues in the TNG Annual from the same year.]

What they got right: It’s not easy to do this kind of crossover but (if they come up with a way to “lose” the Devidian information prior to Picard’s later encounter) this has potential to work out. The various Enterprise crew are careful to keep their histories a secret (especially from the Romulan Tellius) while trying to compare the notes needed to figure out what’s going on. As part one of the story this works well.

What they got wrong: Killing Gary Seven. I don’t know about all his past encounters with the crew during DC’s run but from what I know of the show he shouldn’t be here. He should still be doing Aegis’s work on Earth in the past, shouldn’t he? Even though Assignment: Earth didn’t happen that was his mission. And yet even if if makes sense in DC’s stories it’s a shame he’s killed off rather than having him knocked out like Worf was (though Worf may be able to take more of a hit it’s still an energy weapon) and waking up just in time to at least help rescue him.

Recommendation: Part one starts strong and hopefully part two will have a good finish. Worth looking into.

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