It is the treatment of Superman that has thus far killed my interest in DC Comics, being a Superman fan since before I knew what “invulnerable” meant (a word I first read as a kid in a Superman comic). Rebirth fixed a lot of the damage done to the character by the New 52 and showed there was more to explore with a married Superman…fatherhood. Then DiDio brings in Bendis, who ages up Jon, estranges the Supermarriage, and retconned Krypton’s destruction to be some villain he created. There went all that good will. At least someone is to blame for evil alternate Jor-El.

So whatever interest I have in this event will probably depend on what they plan to do with the Man Of Steel and his ever shrinking crew of local allies. Steel is gone, Black Lightning and his daughters will probably be used more in the Outsiders back-ups in the Batman stories, and I don’t know if the Guardian is even canon anymore. So it’s what they plan to do with Superman, Superboy 3, and Supergirl that will make the difference. And based on the press release and January solicitations that’s out the window.

All the nonsense on the Metropolis side starts with some “international incident” that leads to Superman being kicked off of the planet. Whether or not this is tied to the “A-Day” and whatever Magistrate had Professor Pyg do to him in the Batman/Superman comic that appears to be serving either as a prequel or a starting point for Future State obviously we don’t know. Maybe DC will stop spoiling their own stories in USA Today. So where does Superman head? Warworld. As Just Some Guy said if you’re going to stay on a world that hates you why go to the one that also wants to kill you? No, for some reason Kal-El is going to try to clean up the planet of illegal death fights that are totally legal and still deadly. Nice goal but you have to wonder if he’s gone suicidal. All-Star Superman this is not sounding like. And the costume he will use?


The promo poster makes it look like he does have a blue costume, though not so much on this cover. And of course the Kingdom Come S-shield is back. You know, the more they try to force that story on us the less interested I become. I’m sure it’s a good story. I want to read it. However I HATE that shield and I don’t know why he’s using it. Even the belt buckle is using it, while the cape apparently connects to the chest shield like Injustice Superman. So hooray for two of my least favorite Superman costumes coming together and making me hate it.

And that logo. There is nothing interesting about that comic logo. It’s generic…like New 52 Justice League generic. Superman’s classic logo isn’t the first design but it is the best and they just tossed it out for something this boring. And no, the other two Super-titles in the Superman Family Future State do not use it either. I am so less than impressed here.

So what’s going on back in Metropolis? Well, Jon takes over as Superman, which makes me again wonder what happened to Damian and why isn’t he Batman? But see, this is a good idea. Seeing how Jon takes over for his father and uses the lessons he learned from Clark and Lois the same way Clark learned from Jonathan and Martha Kent, finding his own path outside of the (annoyingly tainted) shadow of his father. And what does Jon do with that? Turns Metropolis into Kandor by sticking it in a bottle to “protect” it. Really, Jon? That’s what you learned? From who, Injustice Superman? Evil alternate universe grandpa? What were you thinking? Well, given your costume I’m still wondering.

I’ll get back to the costume in a minute. Let’s talk about the title. The logo’s still boring, I mean the name, Superman Of Metropolis. I want it to sound cool but for some reason it just sounds weird to me, like a failed attempt at retro and that’s probably not even what they had in mind. As for that costume? I’ve seen it somewhere before. Oh right…

Not a one-to-one mind you. The colors are brighter, the belt is different, and he’s lacking the cool gloves. However, imitating Superman X on any level is not gaining points with me. I was hoping for something closer to Jon’s usual jacket uniform. And of course we have to try again to ditch the trunks, leaving blank space that makes his whole outfit look like pajamas or some kind of body suit.

As for the last member of the actual Super-Family, Kara is naturally now going by Superwoman and lives on the Moon…the moon? IS Moon Supergirl finally canon?

Please? Please tell me she stops moon crooks from stealing moon money. PLEASE! It…won’t save the whole story but it will be a redemptive factor.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m so lucky. Outside of popping down to Earth to yell at Jon at his own book and protecting alien refugees on the moon before some new arrival shakes things up we really don’t know what Kara’s up to. We do have this.

Well, so much for Moon Superwoman. No S-shield, a nice cape, and it looks like she’s wearing her workout clothes. Logo’s still lame. I like the story concept but that’s the only nice thing I can say about this.

We should be done here. I’m not going to discuss the Legion Of Super-Heroes book because the solicit tells us nothing, I never really followed the Legion, it’s Bendis, and I’m not sure why it’s here instead of the Justice League group given that Superboyman isn’t in the solicitations. And yet, we have more. Connecting the two Superman titles in the back-up features is Shilo Norman, the new Mister Miracle. I don’t think he’s one of Metropolis’s regulars but apparently he’s caught up in something involving Earth and either Apokolips or Warworld. I’m not really sure since Shilo’s home planet is not really named. I’m also not sure what he’s doing in this story our how it ties in to the Supermen. At least Future State Guardian is trying to stop an anarchist named Honest Mary from burning down Metropobottleis. And then for some reason there’s Wonder Woman.

While Diana is doing who knows what in the pages of Immortal Wonder Woman we’re getting a new Wonder Woman in the “regular” title. She’s also an Amazon…no, wait, she’s FROM the Amazon. I’m not sure if this is for diversity points or just someone making a lame pun. Wonder Woman is usually descended from the Greeks…and is either made of clay or another of Zeus’s one-night stand castoffs and thus not as special but that’s not the point. Yara Flor, who will also team up in a crossover comic with Jon, will be going to have a fight with Hades for whatever reason since she has no connection to Themyscira and their Amazons, apparently taken by Hades because…well, it’s not like the Greek pantheon of gods ever needed a reason to mess with anyone. They’re kind of jerks. Otherwise it does sound like a decent story idea…if Diana were doing it but she has some unnamed threat to deal with.

Well, I guess her costume is okay. Apparently bare legs are fine but showing cleavage isn’t. I don’t pretend to understand politically charged fashion issues, I just look at what’s practical to their fighting style, personality, and power set. I’m wondering where she got her magic lasso when the cover to Immortal Wonder Woman has Diana still using hers. The logo is probably the most effort I’ve seen in the Future State logos but honestly that’s the best praise I can give it. We do get a better look at Jon and Yara’s outfits on the cover to their joint title but it’s not worth posting here. You can see it in the press release and solicits. Jon gets a cape. Just Some Guy is right, it doesn’t help.

The confusing one is Lex Luthor. The solicit for Superman Versus Imperious Lex reads:

Welcome to Lexor, home of the greatest businessman in the Multiverse: Lex Luthor! After years of prosperity, Lex’s utopia is at last ready to join the ranks of the United Planets and promote peace among worlds. However, Lex has never done anything unless he had something to gain from it. What could he be up to this time? Sounds like a job for Superman and his wife Lois Lane, the Earth representative to the U.P.! It’s time the Man of Steel shut down this former Metropolis magnate once and for all!

Superman and Lois…but in the Legion time period? Another universe? Does it matter to this story? The logo is so boring I’m not going to bother posting it. This comic makes no sense to exist outside of someone wanting to write a Lex Luthor story and bring back Lexor from the Silver Age. So in total, I’m not really interested in the Superman family of comics. There are some good ideas scattered about but I’m not convinced in the potential of the execution. And I still want my Moon Supergirl special from Landry Walker and Eric Jones.

Tomorrow it’s our final look at DC’s Future State eventitis as we see what they shoved into the “Justice League Family”.

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