“Engrish” is the term used to describe poor translations from Japanese (and some other languages that don’t follow Western grammar rules) into English. Some of these are rather funny, but here’s an actual Japanese person who speaks English rather well reacting to some of these signs. There may be some bad language…but not all of it intentionally. You’ll see what I mean.

In the comments it was noted that SHUNchan (follow him on YouTube for more Japan/America discussion videos) didn’t realize “locked up” means “put in jail” in English slang. As for the Chinese translation of the “hang your employees” sign one commentor translated thusly: “ In Chinese the word they used for “calling your employees” is the same as the word for “hanging up”. They meant it as “ring for your employees”. (In hospitals we use that word to give out numbers to patients for diagnosis, like “419 please come to XX room”)” while someone else responded in the same thread “But the literal translation for the Chinese sign said, “If you have any questions, feel free to hang your employees voice.” Which doesn’t make sense in Chinese. 😂”. It didn’t make sense in English either. 😀

And let’s be honest, it’s still more effort than the fake Japanese we all did for years.

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