I could see Sisko defending the station with his own bare hands. In space.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #1

Marvel/Paramount Comics (November, 1996)

“Judgement Day”

WRITER: Howard Weinstein

PENCILER: Tom Grindberg

INKER: Al Milgrom



LETTERER: Jack Morelli

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

As Sisko, Worf, Bashir, and the Defiant are on a rescue mission a group of Jem’Hadar ships burst through the wormhole chasing another group of Gamma Quadrant residents, the Amaralans. When Deep Space Nine is dragged into the fight something pulls the station through the wormhole. The Defiant arrives just after, rescuing members of both parties and both claiming the Federation moved the ship through themselves but Sisko is convinced the surviving Jem’Hadar is keeping a secret that’s making him afraid (rare for the Dominion’s enforcers) and knows one of the Amaralans is doing the same, which is confirmed when she asks to speak to Sisko in private. Meanwhile, the others on the damaged station try to figure out how they can get back home while back on Bajor a radical Kai is trying to use the situation to his advantage.

What they got right: The design of the Amaralans is rather good. As an opening plot for the new tie-in this is a good one and based on how it ends (sadly I again missed out on the second issue) it has potential as an actual episode.

What they got wrong: Unless the radical faction fits into the main story I don’t see the point of adding them outside of wanting to show how the station’s disappearance and the forced-open but otherwise impassible wormhole would affect them. It’s a nice touch but so far really didn’t add to the story overall that a simple “my people are worried, Emissary” from Kai Winn couldn’t have gotten through.

Recommendation: I wish I had the conclusion but it is a good start, and worth looking into based on those grounds.

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