That’s the expression we’ll all make looking back at 2020.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #12

Academy Comics, Ltd (November, 1996)


WRITERS/ARTISTS: John & Jason Waltrip

As the Sentinels prepare their liberation of Spheris (with Teal and Baldan II going to join them), Nicks and the mystery pilot prepare their liberation of Minmei. At the trial Dr. Lang manages to get the footage working and exposes Edwards and his plans for Earth and the Council, sending him on the run and aided by his few loyal supporters. Edwards tries to get help from the Regent but he suggests using the Invid Brain to reactivate the Inorganics, which Edwards does.

What they got right: It’s nice to see Edwards finally get caught, though sadly we won’t get to see his final comeuppance with the series ending soon. It’s a good action scene as Edwards makes his escape.

What they got wrong: Using the dialog to recap what happened in the previous issue. If they’re not going to use the narrator for that, a Robotech staple, then use the inside cover for it like you usually do.

Recommendation: I’m going to miss reading this series when it’s over. Pick it up when you can.

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