“The mosquitoes are out in force tonight.”

Robotech: The Movie #2


Academy Comic, Ltd (November, 1996)

“End Of The World As We Know It”

STORY: Carl Macek

ADAPTATION: Benny R. Powell


INKERS: Chi, Naser Subashi, Carlos Montanez, with assists by Winston Blakely & Joe Pantone

With Mark believed dead his girlfriend also finds their dead friend. The dead girl’s sister and father, the latter of whom works on the EVE project, join Becky in going to the computer’s location. Meanwhile Edwards (or rather his clone from the Robotech Masters) begins taking over the base until Mark arrives with a new Veritech-style MODAT, defeating Edwards with the superior fighting machine (as seen in a Friday Night Fight). With Rolf Emmerson’s forces clearing a path Mark uses the MODAT fighter to infiltrate and destroy the Masters’ ship, the plane itself destructing on returning to Earth. Mark ejects using the MODAT cycle and the pre-invasion plans are stopped.

What they got right: Again, until I see the movie for myself I can’t judge it as an adaptation. The story itself isn’t too bad. There’s action and good drama surrounding Mark’s fate. I really like the art.

What they got wrong: However, unless the MODAT tech is supposed to be a precursor to later mecha used in the second war, why not utilize this technology when they already know it can infiltrate the Robotech Masters’ shields? There do appear to be moments missing or put in as exposition that I hope the movie actually gives us, possibly due to only having two issues. Again, I can’t judge that until I see it. Hopefully someday as I hope to do a video review of the movie.

Recommendation: Overall a good story worth seeing if you’re a Robotech fan, though I suspect fans of Megazone 23 will have the same issue that Macross fans have with Robotech. Apart from that it’s still a good read.

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