I’d say this is when Riker became a saint but there’s no religion on Roddenberry’s Earth.

Star Trek Unlimited #2

Marvel/Paramount Comics (January, 1997)

WRITERS: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton

COLORIST: Kevin Somers

LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

TOS: “Action Of The Tiger”

PENCILER: Mark Buckingham

INKER: Kev Sutherland


TNG: “The Unkindest Cut”

PENCILER: Ron Randall

INKER: Al Williamson

Kirk is called to a Starbase for an update on the situation at the Federation/Klingon boarder when the station is taken over by Klingons demanding a series of colonies be “returned” to the Empire. However, both the Federation captains and Mr. Spock figure out that something is wrong and that there’s a traitor among them. Or rather it’s all a ruse to steal some important objects and credits and maybe start a war, though the Organians allegedly would be against that. One of Kirk’s friends gets killed in the attempt to stop the traitor and his Klingon pals but Spock calls in Klingons who aren’t happy with the ruse and the problem is handled as Klingons tend to do.

What they got right: I like the plot. Kirk uses strategy as well as his fists and only kills because he has no choice. Klingon weapons don’t have stun settings.

What they got wrong: Again we have a story with the Federation using currency. Unless they just stopped using it by the next century that’s certainly more logical than Roddenberry’s “no money” future but not in keeping with it. Deep Space Nine even called out how silly it is. Also, I’m not sure why Janice isn’t Kirk’s Yeoman or when Ensign Chekov became a Lieutenant and chief of security in the TV period. We also don’t really get to know Kirk’s friend, a co-conspirator on the famous Kobyashi Maru test reprogramming, so when he dies it’s just sad because it happened, not because we care about the guy.

The 24th Century crew is trying to have a peaceful R&R on Risa but Mot the barber makes that difficult. Not by being Mot (though he does @#$%block Riker at one point, so not JUST being Mot) but because assassins are after him, hired to continue a blood oath by killing the families of a pirate crew since the crew is too dead to be avenged upon themselves. Guess who’s uncle was a barber on that ship?

What they got right: The story balances the humor and threat well, as Mot and Barclay end up interfering with Riker’s attempt at “romance” with three attractive women. The story isn’t played for laughs. The threat against Mot is real and the backstory isn’t a joke but isn’t ridiculously serious either. (His uncle was the ship’s barber but a slave, not that it mattered to the assassins’ employer it seems.) It all combines well and makes for a good story.

What they got wrong: No technobabble solution? Wait, that’s a good thing. I guess there’s nothing here.

Recommendation: Two really good stories with both generations of Enterprise crew. Worth it to check out.

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