Every year I try to give honor to Hanukkah, the other holiday celebrated around this time, but it’s not Jewish Christmas. I think their equivalent is somewhere in the Spring but because it’s not the one in December it’s Hanukkah everyone talks about so Jewish people don’t feel left out of the Yuletide fun. I will not sit in judgement of that, but the true history of Hanukkah is quite fascinating and I do want to bring that to you tonight.

From the YouTube channel Unpacked comes the full history of the Festival Of Lights. You may have heard about the candle burning for eight nights because there wasn’t enough oil but why did they need those eight nights? What was the war that led to the Jews fleeing and then having to reclaim their temple? And how does it eventually lead to King Herod, the one who tried to have baby Jesus killed? I bring you that tale.

And of course King Herod would hear about a child who would be king, not understanding that Jesus’s kingdom was in Heaven, not Earth, and to hedge his bets kill off any child two years and younger, forcing Mary and Joseph to of all places Egypt to protect their son, the Son Of God, and ensure what would be known as Christianity. I didn’t realize that all the various events that tied Hanukkah and Christmas together like six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Bacon. Comes from pigs. (Not Kevin necessarily but his namesake food.) Which the historical figures in this tale refused to eat. Dirk Gently was right after all.

At any rate, Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers!

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