Longtime readers of my Free Comic Inside article series are already aware that Prince Adam did not start out as He-Man’s secret identity. He started out not existing. When the original Masters Of The Universe illustrated booklets came out there was no Prince Adam–that was the creation of DC Comics not in the mini-comics when they took over for series two but the on the shelf regular comics that included a three issue miniseries and a set of crossovers with Superman, a short preview and in the pages of Superman’s team-up book, DC Comics Presents. So what was the original story for those you of you who are new here and haven’t read the mini-comics or the reviews?

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich, former brand manager during the “Masters Of The Universe Classics” toyline, has started a YouTube channel as part of his current branding advice business venture called Spector Creative. In this video Neitlich goes over the early mini-comics where He-Man was just a barbarian who got up one day and decided to go defend Castle Grayskull because why not. Learn the origins of Skeletor, Teela, He-Man’s powers, and then I’ll link to my reviews of those comics in case you want to know more.

A slight correction. In the Donald Glut illustrated booklets He-Man was given two different power-giving harnesses. One is the force field he mentioned but would be destroyed by the final pre-comic and the other is the more well-known strength booster, which is at least partly responsible for his powers in the cartoon along with the power of Grayskull. You can see that review here.

Teela in the show was revealed to be the Sorceress’ daughter, a secret kept from her to protect her from being used to force the Sorceress to give up the Castle or misuse her powers to save her daughter. As far as her actual origin story Neitlich really undersold how bizarre her original mini-comic origin as the Sorceress/Goddess’s clone, which you can see right here.

Sadly I haven’t gotten to Trap-Jaw’s debut or the times Superman showed up on Eternia as of this writing. Keep reading Free Comic Inside for the former and I’m not sure what to do for the latter since I own the preview story because it showed up in a number of DC comics at the time I don’t own the DC Comics Presents issue he’s in. I did review the one issue of DC’s original regular comic miniseries I own. I hope someday to review all of those.

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