“The Sun feel a bit close and robotic today. That wasn’t in the forecast.”

Robotech Masters #4

Comico The Comic Company (November, 1985)

“Half Moon”

WRITER: Mike Baron

PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Rich Rankin

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: L. Lois Buhalis

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

While on a late-night patrol Dana and Bowie find Bioroids near the ruins of the SDF-1. They’re found out and Bowie is captured, Dana forced to leave him behind to report in. Though told not to rescue him Dana of course grabs the squad to do just that, other units eventually heading out to back them up. Dana is able to rescue Bowie as they do end up with intel that the Bioroids are piloted by human-like beings. But why did Dana sense a connection with the “Big Red” pilot?

What they got right: The action is good. Dana shows she really cares about her troops, especially her aide and best friend.

What they got wrong: Were they sent an early translation of Southern Cross? Because they get a lot wrong compared to the Robotech episode. In the show Dana does turn away when ordered and only heads to the ruins when they see the lights and decide to investigate. Like in a previous battle Dana goes off without orders (Emmerson thought it best to gain intel even if it put Bowie at risk, a good military move) but nobody notices. The 15th is even one of the units called to move out when the main force decides they need to stop whatever the Bioroids are doing and there isn’t much intel to gather. Emmerson in the episode is surprised that a lone unit is able to hold their own and praises Dana for that, but not the same way he does here. These nuances alter the way the characters are depicted, especially Dana in the beginning, as she comes off as a disobeying brat more than she does in the actual episode. Also, Nova doesn’t join the battle, she just contacts Dana to let her know help is coming in the episode.

Recommendation: The same scenes are there but the changes alter the characters. I recommend watching the episode instead for that reason.

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