Is this about the dress gag being left out of the previous issue?

Robotech Masters #6

Comico The Comic Company (February, 1986)

“Prelude To Battle…”


PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Keith Wilson

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: David Cody Weiss

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

The RDF has been trying to finish off the downed Robotech Master ship without success, and it’s starting to take its toll on everybody. While some of the brass want to try to pour every last mecha and soldier against it in one big strike, General Emerson convinces them that a recon team would be best, and the 15th is chosen due to their previous success while rescuing Bowie. As for Bowie, he’s been getting in trouble by going to a restricted area to play piano at a local club, which Dana tries to stand up for him, and even gives him permission to go back in order to relax before the battle, but this time he gets into a fight. Along with Dante’s concerns about Bowie freezing up on the battlefield Dana allows Nova to take him into custody prior to the recon mission. Meanwhile, Louie is trying to put together a helmet camera for the recon mission. The day of the fight Emerson secretly orders Bowie’s release from the guard house so that Bowie can prove himself and he arrives just in time to infiltrated the enemy ship.

What they got right: Some of the alterations do benefit the story. Dana’s decision to let Nova take Bowie to the guard house makes more sense in these exchanges than in the episode. The scene where Dana and Nova talk prior to Bowie’s first arrest is given some extra moments. Sean’s response to Angelo’s desire to go back and fight is extended and works well for the moment.

What they got wrong: Not all of the changes work, however. In the episode Supreme Commander Leonard still wants to go with the “rush ’em with everything and pray” strategy but is more open to Emerson’s recon plan, rather than the one moment he has to soften for the sake of the plot, and is less antagonistic when he tells the aide to make the mission sound like a direct order without concern for Emerson’s feelings or accusing him of babying the 15th. Leonard is enough of a jerk on his own. Let’s not throw out all of his humanity this early.

Recommendation: It’s a good issue but again I have to lean towards the episode over the comics outside of better explaining Dana’s decision.

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