Okay, I have questions. Not why is Godzilla doing evil things, because I presume that’s part of the plot. It’s more like why did they have to make Godzilla evil when he’s been a protector for the first time since Godzilla 1985? It is really so wrong to see heroes team up? I’m also curious where the little girl came from since I don’t remember anyone with that light skin on Skull Island? At least we’re finally getting a battle during the day without rain. Granted it’s like sunset, but it’s a first for a Legendary battle with Godzilla. (Kong at least got to enjoy some sun.) I can’t say I’m super excited but I do still want to see this, even if I’d rather it was Godzilla and Kong teaming up since in this continuity they’re both heroes. I already saw King Kong vs. Godzilla when I was a kid. I don’t need Batman V Superman take two.

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